Letter From Taya

Thank you for coming to ChrisKyleFrog.

Chris’s spirit and support of those who serve our country is contagious. Although his life was taken, Chris’s spirit seems to have grown. The ripple effect of generosity inspired by Chris, even in death, is amazing. As I hope you will read in “About The Frog,” this brand was intensely personal to Chris and is to me. ChrisKyleFrog represents the majority of Americans who do not want our values buried in political correctness. We stand strong in God, Country, and Family.


American Made:

As Chris did, I love to buy American made products! We are making every effort to have all of ChrisKyleFrog Gear made in the USA. I am proud to say the majority of the products are made in the USA and while it is not as easy as I would like it to be, everything that could be American made is and we will continue to strive for 100% American made gear.


For our little Americans who thrive on quality family time, we are excited to have some kids’ ChrisKyleFrog Gear coming soon! Chris was excited to have some badass gear that parents could feel good about their kids wearing, too. Like the Navy SEAL trident, ChrisKyleFrog is badass and cool enough for your little badass, too!

Quality ChrisKyleFrog Authentic:

Chris noticed the details and he was big on quality with utility. He liked T-shirts, but he liked them soft and breathable. He noticed the details on the items he bought. Anyone who knew Chris knew he loved a baseball hat! Some hats he wanted to use with ear protection while shooting. For those, he did not want a bead on the top, because it got in the way of the ear pro. For most hats, he was good with the bead, but desired a certain fit. The hats and shirts we offer are unique like the gear Chris wore. As we move forward with other gear, rest assured we are testing it with a small group of people who knew Chris best. ChrisKyleFrog produces the gear the same way Chris would have wanted his apparel produced.

Serving Those Who Serve Us:

Supporting foundations and charities who are trustworthy and transparent can be challenging. People often asked Chris and me who we recommended. We will have links to the charities we trust and work with. Our goal this fall is to unveil our own ChrisKyleFrog Foundation or Non-Profit. We will only do that when we are 100% sure we have something valuable and well-run to offer you. We have lots of ideas and our irons in the fire. We are excited to show you more. If you don’t mind sharing your e-mail address, I give you my word I will NEVER sell or share it with ANYONE. I have a pet peeve about people selling, sharing, and spamming email accounts. I simply will NOT do it to you. I will simply let you know when we have something new to show. In closing, ChrisKyleFrog offers a way to show your support of the values described in “About The Frog.” Join us as we celebrate God, Country and Family.

With Love, Taya