About the Frog

God, Country, Family.

Chris’s life was living proof of how deeply he lived and breathed his belief in God, Country and Family.

In January of 2013

Chris was working with Club Red in North Carolina to develop a logo that would represent all of what he stood for. Chris’s tattoos were the perfect place to start. He had a tattoo of a frog skeleton crawling up his right shoulder, and one of a cross tattooed along his left bicep with a tribal band around the arm. This logo is the culmination of Chris’s beliefs and tattoos.

The frog skeleton

is a recognized symbol of fallen US Navy SEALs. It is positioned here, watchful and ready to represent Chris’s watchful eye, protective nature and every brother who had gone before him. The cross through the frog’s right eye is a tribute to Chris’s Teammate and brother in arms, Ryan Job. If you were to dismantle and re-position the frog’s two femur (thigh area) and two humerus (bicep area) bones, you would be able to make Chris’s second tattoo, a cross. Chris loved God so deeply it was if it were in his bones. Chris loved his country and found a way to serve her both in and out of the military. He loved his family and made difficult decisions to be present while living a life full of love for them. We hope you agree this frog represents the best of Chris, what he stood for and believed in. We hope you see what we see: This frog represents Chris Kyle, American Hero as much as it represents what he stood for: God, Country and Family.